Stainless Steel Wire Wool & Pads

Stainless Steel Wire Wool & Pads

We offer two distinct types of products: Standard and High Temperature.

Our Stainless Steel Wool serves a crucial role in exhaust systems, functioning as compensation elements, particularly in perforated areas of tubes and baffles. The longevity and effectiveness of the acoustic system, whether used independently or in conjunction with mineral fibers or textile glass fibers, hinge on the careful selection of the appropriate quality of stainless steel wool.

For exhaust systems requiring resilience against corrosion, acids, and high vibrations, our Stainless Steel Pads are an excellent choice. Crafted from durable and corrosion-resistant stainless steel, these pads stand up well to the harsh conditions of exhaust systems. They prove to be highly resistant to exhaust acids and vibrations, making them an ideal material for muffler baffling. Beyond providing effective noise reduction, our Stainless Steel Pads also excel in heat insulation.

The decision to opt for either Standard or High Temperature products depends on the specific requirements of your application. Each variant is designed to meet distinct performance criteria, ensuring that your exhaust system functions optimally under varying conditions.

When utilised as compensation elements in exhaust systems, particularly in areas prone to perforation, our Stainless Steel Wool demonstrates its versatility. Whether employed as a standalone solution or combined with mineral fibers or textile glass fibers, the correct choice of quality guarantees the durability of the entire acoustic system.

Meanwhile, our Stainless Steel Pads offer a reliable solution for muffler baffling, excelling in noise reduction and heat insulation. The long-lasting corrosion-resistant stainless steel ensures the pads withstand the corrosive effects of exhaust acids, while their ability to resist high vibrations adds to their durability.

In summary, our Standard and High Temperature Stainless Steel Wool and Pads provide comprehensive solutions for exhaust system applications. With durability, corrosion resistance, and effective noise reduction at the forefront of their design, these products stand as reliable choices for enhancing the performance and longevity of your exhaust systems.